Proposition ID 21- Entry and Exit fees in ANC

Not my proposal, but I just saw it posted and almost everyone has voted for it so far. I don’t see a related forum discussion on it. This is meant to be it.

If you’re the author of it, now’s the chance to elaborate if you wish. Same goes for everyone else.

Poll Anchor

Copied text:

"taking ANC for the fees when users deposit or withdraw UST

the amount of fees are related with the amount of UST deposit or withdraw

just simple idea for ANC tokenomics

what do you guys think?"

There is no official support, go away with your scam.


I like the idea. Would improve ANC tokenomics dramatically.

Something like 1 ANC in fees per 1000 UST deposit or withdrawn would really generate demand for ANC while minimally impacting deposits.

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What’s wrong with you? You said "I don’t see a related forum discussion on it. ". Yet you posted a Governance Poll directly? With “depositing” spelled as “dositing”?

why there is a poll on anchor gov already? ofc we need to vote for NO, this is useless and prevent UST prospering.

@Aureliano - That is not my governance poll.

I do not know who created it.

It can’t be stated simpler than that.

My apology. The confusion comes from the difference between proposal and poll. Someone could make a proposal without pushing it to a governance poll.

This may be the most moronic poll in the history of Anchor.

@Aureliano - That’s why I started this thread. Not only is there no details, there also was no discussion yet.

It is better to deduct the UST as a fee and automatically purchase ANC from the market using the deducted UST.

Looking at the use and value of ANC now, it feels like even these ideas are needed.


i am with you on your opinions.

Prop 21 may have better been started as a forum post.

Ostensibly well intentioned and i love how $anc comes in play, but as a proposal it didn’t come with enough enough details to understand where the charged $anc was going, what the $anc rates were.

It might not pass as a result of general community confusion but i am nonetheless very encouraged to see people putting their money where their mouths/thoughts are and trying to bring utility to $anc.

whoever you are who proposed it, thank you for thinking about $anc!

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Guys this is a joke poll, honestly not worth the attention.

Regardless depositor fees are silly I’ve never heard of that. Should we implement borrower fees as well and might as well for depositing collateral.

This poll will kick out the crypto rookies. Vote ‘No’ please.


Any poll without a forum post should be disregarded.