[Proposal] [UI] Implement In-App News Feed

My proposal is in respect to the plenty of new and welcome governance and users on the forum and using Anchor governance.

Upon observation of Poll 14 I believe we need to provide means for users to quickly and efficiently disseminate information about what’s going on and provide reliable information for voters to vote effectively with information. This will hopefully prevent similar attacks to the protocol as have been observed on Mirror Protocol, where once social engineers realise they can manipulate the community with sensational proposals they will flood the governance board with these proposals in an attempt to steal funds or damage the protocol.

The proposed UI Change will, when viewing the governance dashboard, provide the most important (pinned forum topics and trending ones) to be opened and viewed at a glance for voters. An additional change would be for a developer pin board to be added as well where developers and key stakeholders of the protocol can post information for the public voting body to view.

This change will help create a more connected community and give our governance more power to make effective changes to the protocol.

It will also provide a community buffer in the event of social engineering exploits on governance.


Sounds good. Have you prepared any design?

I like this idea.

Maybe something that we can get inspiration from is the Swiss government.

Before any voting occurs, the Swiss government issues a pamphlet to every citizen that is eligible to vote. In there the following information is provided:

  • [OBJECTIVELY] Describing what will be voted on and what direct effects it will have.
    Imagine it as an ELI5 about a topic. Everyone should know what their vote will effectively vote for (or against)

This could be linked with the proposed UI change and the pinned forum posts.

  • [OBJECTIVELY] Write 2-4 PRO arguments for the topic

  • [OBJECTIVELY] Write 2-4 CONTRA arguments for the topic

I think this part is definitely needed in order to make an informed decision.

  • [SUBJECTIVELY] Give a recommendation what the government (or in Anchor’s case the Poll proposer) is voting for and why.

I really like this idea. I have been struggling with how to make key forum posts more easily integrated into other things, but also how to make them a bit more engaging. Tying to gov part of the UI is probably an important step in this.

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I think I can mock one up, My suggestion would be a simple drop down or iframe basically that has the top forum posts displayed for easy viewing on the governance tab. With another iframe / pinboard below that one for developer’s to post communications with governance. So nothing too crazy.

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If your design can be coded I will be happy to do so.

@atebites this is really cool, especially with its focus on governance.

I also enjoyed @biscuttizz’s ideas, however, they seem harder to find and identify than we believe.

How would this feed be sorted/filtered? By latest activity as it appears now on the forum? Or would it be by most activity? Etc.

It would be pinned posts first then if there’s spare real estate trending (most viewed) posts and a bit of select space for upcoming or trending posts.

After thinking about it there’s a lot of traffic / visibility potential given how many app users there are.

An idea, but this would also require changes in the forum, could be the following:

In a poll discussion thread, one must “Tag” whether the comment that is about to be posted is “Pro” / “Contra” or “Neither” to the proposed poll.

In the iframe on Anchor we could then show both the most upvoted “Pro” and most upvoted “Contra” argument.

Here is the UI mockup I made, a little ugly but to the point

I actually think we could do with migrating all the stats to the Dashboard (where we already show yield reserve, borrow / earn deposits etc). and focusing governance tab on community information exculsively. The more I’m thinking about how many people use the Anchor app we are talking about some valuable real estate that at the present is underutilized. We should consider carefully how we decide what information to display so as to provide governance and voters accurate and reliable information. I think @Biscuitzz Idea is excellent. When we have proposals up for vote we should allocate some real estate on site to display objective pro and contra information for the proposals.

I believe for now we can manually curate the information (via pinning on forums / announcements / tracking trending topics) however later on this should be upgraded to provide analytics, peer and professional information regarding proposals or anchor community at a glance.


Hey @atebites - Thanks for the mockup I like the idea behind it.

How would one move forward now from the idea to a proposal / working mode?

(I am quite new here, so I don’t know the processes yet - sry).

I think we would organize a team an then put up a community spend for the idea. I’m not exactly 100% sure how development on Anchor works.

@bitn8 - Maybe you can help us out here?

In my opinion, since the anchor web code is public(github), it seems to be the right to implement a prototype and then request a community fund.

Agreed. Would be great to do that and we certainly can get support behind community funds to get this going

@xyz0 Is this something you would be able to do? Perhaps create a demo for us to view?

Where can we view the github?

no demo, make a prototype with code. you can find the github on google, if you are dev.

This is the GitHub of Anchor the website https://github.com/Anchor-Protocol/anchor-web-app/

What if we follow the next process:

  • Go on a new Discord channel to create a very clear definition on what we want to achieve.

  • When we all agree on something create a poll for the community to vote if everyone wants it.

  • Finally someone can start coding and submit the code change requests.
    Then Anchor’s dev team will review the code and decide if they want to accept or deny it but as it’s based on consensus normally they may request some small code changes and push it.

    What are you thoughts?

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I suggest that the coding happens before the voting, so that the community only votes on the final code to be implemented. Otherwise they need to vote twice for the same proposal (once for the idea + once for the actual code).