[Proposal] earn rate depends time-deposit

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ANC is a great project, but nowadays I think everyone realizes one thing is both a strength and a weakness that is the amount of money deposited just to earn ~20% earn-rate is too large.
Those who come for only 20% are often the least patient. They are ready to leave immediately when they feel the risk, even if it is just a rumor. Therefore, delaying the withdrawal of this customer will help increase the stability of ANC.
Reducing the earn-rate according to the amount of deposits is not fair to those who believe in the project. Instead, reduce your earn-rate by time-deposit. For example, 1 month interest 7%, 3 months interest 12%, 1 year 20% interest and those who withdraw early will not receive interest even though they still receive their principal amount.
First, this won’t be as shocking as a sudden drop in interest.
2nd, ordinary users consider ANC as a traditional bank with high interest rates. So the acceptance of time-deposit is easy to understand.
Finally, allowing withdrawals before maturity despite not receiving interest makes users more confident in ANC because users understand that ANC does not take up capital when there is a problem, just does not receive profit for their own decisions.

What do you think?


You first need to understand how aUST works and then you know why this would be like making a whole new protocol.

aUST is a fungible asset, meaning one aUST is in no way different from another, so it’s impossible to know for how long have they existed, you could keep track per wallet but the cost of doing that would be massive for the protocol, or you could force people to lock in their aUST to actually get yield, but that’s a completely different protocol and would make aUST useless.

Also, generally when there’s locks and will, people will create other protocols with unlocked and fungible assets, that will resell the yield at a premium and lock on behalf of users.

ohh, i got it.
but ultimately, delaying the withdrawal of disloyal investors is key.
I think there can’t be no solution to this problem.
For example, aUST calculated based on a basic return of 7%, with different time-deposit will add aUST corresponding to 10%, 15% more.
While it’s still an abrupt rate cut, it’s better for the project in the long run.


Once again, please seriously study this proposal of mine. Maybe my workaround is not optimal. BUT
Ultimately, delaying the withdrawal of disloyal investors is key


That cannot be allowed to pass. First of all, it’s a savings account essentially, a deposit, that one needs to be able to draw on and use at any time. Any delaying of it would be plain wrong, especially given that UST is subject to frequent depeg events. That would be not allowing someone to get back, say, 90% of what they deposited (in real money terms, that is) and forcing it to sit there, while the depositor is helpless, watching their life savings whittle away to zero.


Would be better to instead earn more percentage yield, the longer you stay. Maybe it starts at 5%, adding a percentage per day up to 20%, then you restart if you remove it all.


I think we should just restrict deposits so the apy we advertise is actually sustainable. As borrowing grows rate goes up enabling us to take on more deposits.

We have a lot to go through first is sitting through the fire that’s still ongoing. UST is regaining strength off chain but not back on peg yet. And we’ve lost a lot of the revenue generating basset that all got sold off in the crash.

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