New ANC revenue stream via liquidations

Why does Kujira exist?

Anchor built the smart contracts for the Anchor liquidation queue yet Kujira is monetizing it. Can Anchor create an identical or very similar UI with half of the withdrawal fees of Kujira and have all of those fees go to ANC stakers?

Kujira seems like a pretty good product but with an excessively high fee. Why does anyone trust these guys? These are the same guys that complained about bots frontrunning Harpoon when they wrote and operated the bot doing the frontrunning, which ended up costing Harpoon users quite a bit of frustration and a pretty significant sum of money spent on gas for no reason. We should have a proposal to remove all links to Kujira on Anchor’s site, remove KUJI from Terra Station and have Anchor implement the liquidation queue in a manner that gives ANC stakers additional revenue.

Let’s make Anchor great again by dumping Kujira.