Massive Liquidation on a green day of Luna, a bug?

Hi frens,

for a long time im trying to get a reply on this, i asked TG and Discord admins, and they ignored this question so far, they say its all normal, while many frens of mine who really know about Defi, and liquidation have no explenation for this as i was heavily liquidated (73% of my deposited Luna) on the 22nd september while Luna was in the green (+0,11% at the exact time, way more + in the next hours), so even assuming they count the Luna snapshot earlier than liquidation time Luna was down -7% how could they grab 73% of my Luna then?

. I am just wondering why? I used to have LTV always under 40%. So all my frens can not explain that, and we are wondering if this was a bug? 48 from 66 bLunas have been liquidated at this moment. As you can see i was also liquidated on the 7th but here i understand, Luna was -19,44% down.

I upload pic of wallet history and price indication of Luna at the exact moment, date, time of liquidation.

In the website explenation i could find this, and thats why i dont understand the liquidation on the 22nd of september 2021:

Part 2: Liquidations
The value of the UST and the amount borrowed doesn’t change because UST is a stable coin. So the only time the ratio between loan and collateral can change is when the value of the collateral goes up or down. When it goes up it’s fine, but if it comes down enough that the loan is worth more than 60% of the collateral given to Anchor, they liquidate the loan.

It is also welcome if you just say that this is normal procedure or that u also dont get it and u find it suspucios. Not necesarly need someone who can explain it 100%, even i would love that, but after 10 smart people im not sure i will find an 100% correct explenation for this…

Can you share this sheet link publically so we can access this? Also, did you open a discord ticket? and if so please share that ticket resolution. If not, please open one.