Lower rate for loans over one hundred thousand

Reducing fees for loans above 100,000 ust would increase demand for loans and the deposit of collateral. This would generate extra income for the Anchor protocol.

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It’s an interesting idea though segregating users by amount may lead to unintended consequences and could rub some community members the wrong way. I believe others have shown that the bulk of borrowers are larger in nature, so it also may not spur too much additional demand, but who knows. The current proposals by community members seem to focus on increasing the number of chains for Anchor and whitelisting additional collateral. Additional ways to spur demand are definitely needed though.


This wouldn’t work, address A would just put 70,000 UST in address A, then the same amount in address B, and so on, 70,000 is so that you have a year and a bit more to take out.

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It’s actually the opposite. The “good” thing for the user happens when they are all in the same wallet, so splitting it up would actually cost the user money.