Ideas about improving Anchors Cashflow (purely conceptual)

Disclaimer - I don’t have any coding expertise so I’m not sure how these could be technically implemented, this is just pure hypothetical.

Part 1 Boosting borrows
I believe that to boost borrowing, the borrow rate has to be decreased and become a fixed rate to help people better plan out and calculate borrowing for longer periods of time.
Why? Well when we look at where most of the current cash flow comes from, it actually is not the borrow rate but the yield bearing collateral.

For example, bringing the borrow rate down to a fixed 5% interest with ANC rewards up to 4% depending on 3, 6, 9, 12 month, lock borrowing term.

On average the current collateral to loan ratio is about 190%-200% so if you consider that the collateral pays about 5.5% (rough average of LUNA and ETH) for every 1 UST borrowed, the net cashflow would be 1.9 * 5.5% + 5% = 15.45%. As can be seen then for every 1 UST borrowed, the collateral produces about 10.45% of the borrowed sum (Over one year).

When the borrow rate was closer to 0% the depositers to borrowers was closer in ratio so it can be somewhat assumed that the lower the borrow rate, the higher the number of borrowers thus an increase collateral and in turn cashflow.

Part 2 Utilising the deposited UST
Currently of the almost 14b UST deposited, only 3b (21.4%) is utilised and IF utilised it could bring further cashflow to Anchor. One idea is sending the UST cross chain to be used as liquidity on other protocols for example curve (4 pool) and other AMMs. I would also say potentially sending UST to other Lending protocols but the issue is depending on depositers on Anchor withdrawing funds, the UST would need to be highly liquid and be able to be withdrawn from other protocols when needed. As well the UST on Anchor could be used as dynamic liquidity on Astroport to created deeper liquidity however it would mean astroport would require single sided LP provision (as the UST would be provided by Anchor).

Hypothetically, if Anchor retains 5% of non utilised UST as a buffer incase of massive simulatenous depost withdrawals , 78.6% of UST (non utilised) - 5% buffer = 73.6% UST used to generate additional cashflow. E.g. 73.6% * 5% (arbitrary yield generated via AMMs) = 3.68% additional cashflow for all of depositers.

Part 3 Using Collateral aswell in liquidity pools (highly lucrative)
If it was possible to create a smart contract which allowed the collaterals’ yields to be directed towards Anchor while also being used as liqudity, this could generate significant cashflow for Anchor. Coming back to the single sided LP notion, if the collateral could be paired with the UST provided from Anchor, it could provide far deeper liquidity pools for people to trade against which also would mean less fluctuations in price movement (less spread) when buying and sellings happen. This would be extremely difficult to implement however hypothetically it would boost cashflow significantly. The issues are that somehow there would have to be a solution to IL (impermanent loss) and other changes such as the current liquidation system.

Hypothetically if the collateral when paired in a pool generates 5% interest and at current Collateral to deposit ratio of 40% (5.7b collateral to 14b depost) would generate
40% * 5% = 2% for all of depositers.

Current case and optimistic case (If ideas were implemented)
Current case
Cash flow = Collateral yield (5.7b * 5.5%) + Borrow rate (3b * 10.5%) / total deposits (14b) = 4.448% cashflow to depositers

Optimistic case (at current depositers and borrowers)
Cash flow = Collateral yield ( 5.7b * 5.5%) + Collateral LP yield (5.7b * 5%) + Borrow rate ( 3b * 5%) + Non borrowed UST LP yield (10.3b * 5%) = 1.2635b/ (total deposits 14b) = 9% cashflow to deposites

If borrowing got to 60% of deposit (all else being equal i.e. collateral at 190% of loan, yield still same)
Cashflow = Collateral yield (15.96b * 5.5%) + Collateral LP yield (15.96b * 5%) + borrow rate (8.4b * 5%) + Non borrowed UST LP - 5% buffer ( 5.3b * 5%) = 2.36b/ depositers = 16.85% to depositers

If you managed to read the whole post and follow my thinking I deeply appreciate it, I’m just some rando off the internet who loves the concept of Anchor and wants to see it become sustainable.
Now obviously the coders will see some issues of implementation but please could someone give some feedback on what could/could not work and why. This post is just to illustrate the beauty of money legos and the importance of capital efficiency. Thank you