List masset in mirror to collateral list

Hi everyone ,
I think it would be really nice if people can use masset to collateral list on anchor protocol,
If there is a lot of interest I really hope that someone will make the proposal .

Agreed. I think the MIR token should be able to be used as well, it would create a major use case for the MIR token as well as mAssets.

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mAssets are not yield bearing assets
mAsset/UST LP tokens are not yield bearing assets
staked mAsset/UST LP tokens are yield bearing, but this is a yield generated out of MIR inflation

You would ideally want to onboard a collateral that is countercyclical to the crypto market and keeps earning rewards based on deflationary mechanics


Collaterals must be an asset type that generates a sufficient level of yield by itself. mAssets unfortunately do not fit in this category.

how about mAsset-UST LP tokens?

If I think about it it might not be viable as a longterm collateral asset

Yes, especially since once a collateral is listed, it becomes very difficult to delist

How about adding bMir here. From what I have read and have been reading, we will see bATOM, bSOL and bDOT for starters in the future.

bMIR definitely can be an option if MIR proves to generate a stable rate of yield for a prolonged period of time. Will be great to have further community discussions on this.

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Is there any plan to allow other Terra stablecoins to be used as collateral in Anchor?
For example, borrow UST by depositing KRT as collateral.

Honestly I don’t see much value addition from listing stablecoins as collateral. The only thing it does is introduce unnecessary ANC inflation for those that add zero value to the system.

Thanks Ryan. I had a use case in mind for allowing stablecoin collateralized borrowing and lending. I’ll mull it over a bit more and post for feedback in the relevant forum.

wasn’t it in the original conceptualisation of Anchor that mAsset would be able to be deposited in Anchor in order to yield more mAsset?

Actually the concept is the opposite where Mirror is the one integrating to Anchor – aUST could be listed as a collateral on Mirror, with its yield used to mint yield-bearing mAssets.