Is it a crazy Idea to start Buying EUT?

Currently EURO is almost as low as in Dec. 2016 compared to the dollars.

In 2016-2017 it bounced back and and gained a 19 % in a year or so.

I know i would be missing all the Anchor reward but what do you think about starting DCA euros ?

When vertex protocol launch we will have a nice use case for it ?

Not a good idea.
ECB is printing money like crazy while Fed is hawkish.
Also, the war in Ukraine is posing a serious threat to the European economy.
I would expect it to go below 1 USD soon.

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yes you could be right, moreover EU is buing Gas at crasy prices from Russia while USA is more self sufficient.

Are you aware of the 1% transaction fee between Terra stablecoins. You’d have to get a 2% market move to make a profit. If you want to trade forex, opening a traditional FX account will be cheaper.

Also, you could wait for Vertex ideally coming soon.