How come ANC staking APY % dropping?

Can anyone kindly explain to me?

Also I would like to listen your opinion about ANC future price predictions.

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ANC will go way up in price in the future because it is the only means by which governance of the entire system can be managed. Frankly, $5.50 before anchorprotocol has truly become a major major force is pretty ridiculous.

Look at MIR today $12. The interest rate is set by the protocol (do kwon correct me if I’m wrong here) and variably adjusts to assure that the system works. Or for example right now in savings is 25% APR (that’s just if today was everyday) but it’s due to a surplus beyond what the reserve funds deem necessary (the protocol) to assure 20% APR.

Therefore, the protocol allocates the surplus from the other half of the bank (collateral to loan ratio) to fairly reward those who have their money in savings. Also, if there are people not paying great attention and getting liquidated, or there is just simply extra collateral provided to support the system, the users benefit.

Borrow interest goes down, because borrowing money isn’t something that you will always get paid extra to do. There will eventually be interest. That’s how loans and secured transactions work. The high initial rate was to incentivize users.