Forward staking Airdrops to bLuna holders

I’d like to request that the various Airdrops (e.g., Anchor, Mirror, etc.) that are distributed to LUNA Stakers be forwarded to bLuna holders.

If ignored, the value of the Airdrops is basically wasted (I think?). These airdrops are also reason for users to opt for regular delegated staking rather than holding bLuna. I think it would be better to have more demand for bLuna and bring holders to Anchor to claim their rewards. In addition, airdrops are a great way for projects to advertise their presence, but this doesn’t work if bLuna minters lose out on this.

There are many ways to consider how to do this:
-Should forwarded Airdrops be claimed as Airdrops? and if so, from their respective websites vs from Anchor?
-Are the forwarded Airdrops instead claimed as rewards on the Bond > Claim page? (sometimes airdrop transaction fees can be more than the value of the airdrop, so an accumulating reward function could help address this issue).

Will maintaining this require on-going development to forward Airdrops from more applications as more applications issue airdrops to LUNA stakers?
Perhaps instead a 3rd party should develop an Airdrop aggregator that has access to the Airdrops given to the bLuna smart contracts that issue the delegation. Would Anchor ever considering offering such access?

Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

*Edit: The ANC and MIR airdrops are not wasted–they are swapped for UST and treated as regular block-rewards. From the docs:
“The Airdrop Registry contract manages the fabrication of messages relevant to claiming and swapping tokens airdropped to Luna delegators. Airdropped tokens to the bLuna Hub contract is swapped for Terra USD and distributed as bLuna rewards.”

However, I believe this to be limited to ANC and MIR based on the code in that contract. I’m sceptical of the feasibility of this over time to collect Airdrops from new applications that start giving them. Instead, having Airdrops aggregated and forwarded as claimable rewards could still be more desirable to many.


I like this idea, i currently have my tokens split but am considering paying off the loan and withdrawing all my bLuna so that I can get the airdrops and new drops coming. the rate is not so much better than gensis drops that will be dropping soon


All rewards for staking Luna are forgone when providing bLuna as collateral. If you have minted bLuna but haven’t provided it as collateral, your rewards are converted to UST and then are available to claim in the Bond section.

The ANC rewards from borrowing against bLuna are what makes up the difference here. Currently if you provide bLuna as collateral and borrow a conservative 25% against it, you earn 40% net on that (so 10% on your entire bLuna). You then have 25% of the Luna value to do what you want: buy more luna, LP farm, etc. The 40% net reward plus doing whatever you want with your borrowed money is the incentive to mint bLuna and provide it as collateral.

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Sorry I am still learning and am a bit confused… as bLuna holders I dont get any of the staking rewards? But according to this post from Lido, the purpose of bLuna is so that the holder can do stuff with their Luna without losing out on the staking rewards? Can someone explain? thx

I think people are unsure if one-off airdrops like MIR and ANC when launched, SPAR etc. in the future, and third party ones that have been rumored about would still be distributed and converted to UST as bLUNA reward. It seems unlikely since new tokens wouldn’t even have a market or value when distributed.

Anyway I would agree that the rewards possible from staking bLUNA as collateral and borrowing are way more lucrative than any airdrop so far within a reasonable time frame of the drop. For me the ANC drop worked out at about a one time 2% bonus for staking my LUNA. Compare that to taking all my LUNA, bonding it, then adding as collateral. If I borrowed a conservative 25% I could get the 40% net reward on that borrowed amount (10% of total LUNA value) and put that borrowed amount into ANC-UST to make 80% (20% of total LUNA value) for a total of 30% yield on the original LUNA value. If you prefer to live a little more dangerously or have confidence in rising $LUNA price then going to 33% LTV currently nets you 40% yield.

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This doesnt work and would break how Anchor functions.

Your collateralized bLuna is staked by anchor and its airdrops are used by anchor to fund the 20% APR on the deposit side. You cannot have your cake and eat it too.

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As a bLuna holder (NOT as collateral), you get to claim it’s underlying LUNA’s staking rewards plus its airdrops (Airdrops are distributed to stakers) all as UST. However, when your bLuna has been provided as collateral for borrowing against, Anchor instead claims these rewards to reward its users.


To clarify, I’m only considering forwarding Airdrops, such as MIR and ANC (and soon others) to its users–aggregated and claimable as their own token.

If this were to apply only to bLUNA that is NOT yet submitted as collateral, then Anchor wouldn’t be losing any rewards from this change, just saving on swap fees. This was my original consideration.

However, if this were to also apply to bLUNA provided as collateral (where Airdrops (e.g., MIR, ANC) are still passed on to the user), then Anchor would indeed lose out on some if its revenue. But, it still may still be able to sustain only on the other staking rewards (from Gas+Tax+Seigniorage), and would make borrowing even more attractive.

Your comment contradicts @ryanology045 's response to my posting “Is the interest rate always 20%?” His response was that “Token airdrops like MIR and ANC are not distributed to bLuna holders as of this date”

Thanks for pointing this out. My comment was made with the assumption that Anchor’s documentation was accurate. From Anchor Protocol Docs > Smart Contracts > bLuna > Airdrop Registry:
“Airdropped tokens to the bLuna Hub contract is swapped for Terra USD and distributed as bLuna rewards.”

I think he’s just pointing out that they haven’t been claiming these rewards yet, even though it was originally intended. I’m awaiting further clarity from him on this.