Darkpool and mm/OTC

Being an active user of Mirror and now Anchor i see a growing need for a p2p (peer to peer) gateway which would allow users to exchange their mAssets and bAssets via p2p swap at a price of their choosing.
These transactions are often called " over the counter " or OTC for short, and their utility for the protocol will continue to grow with mass adoption. I would like to advocate for the integration of p2p trading functionality across protocols, which would significantly improve liquidity constraints should the top holder community come to a consensus.

While it may seem as though such a feature would hinder the pooling mechanics and negatively impact adoption and yields, the effects are quite the opposite, with increased reliable arbitrage opportunities leading to higher liquidity and more trading volume for the pools, resulting in higher rewards for stakers.
I firmly believe that serious groups and communities that go beyond memes and price talk are necessary in order to deliver a quality synthetic derivative market experience, and i dedicate time and effort to organising such communities. I am an admin in several market maker groups and the discussions there are much more in depth than the forums or main telegram chats, giving those for whom these protocols are more than simply entertainment

If you are interested in market making, arbitrage and OTC between the various Terralabs offerings please leave your suggestions below on how the current protocols can be improved and which additional functionality should be integrated.

I look forward to hearing from everyone willing to engage in a deeper level of analysis with like minded individuals on the topic of what is possible to accomplish using the interactions available within the ecosystem, join existing communities or create new one in order to address the following topics:

-Yield optimisation strategies (Make the most out of every dollar invested in the Luna ecosystem)
-Market making for bAssets/mAssets (New incentives to create stability and more liquid pools)
-OTC/Darkpool functionality (Bridge CEXs and DEXs using p2p darkpools)
-Whale/Large holder groups for voting consensus

I am not looking for community funds or a vote, simply for engagement and to put it out there for those that have genuine interest in understanding these systems beyond their fundamentals.

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Agree on the need for OTC smart contracts / protocols on Terra. Anchor’s liquidation contract is actually designed to conduct similar operations, so maybe it’s worth researching: Loan Liquidation - Anchor Protocol