Comparing ANC to Axie Infinity’s system (SLP and AXS)

Axie Infinity’s offers are flexible and very competitive. On the surface, ANC comes across somewhat boring in comparison to AXS and SLP.

The bill run was good for pulling the attention of the market. However, this is a common “trick” all new cryptos utilise. Avoid slipping lower on the lists of interests. The crypto market is fast. ANC should appear more attractive soon to not lose on reputation and interest. Adopt quickly. Run more ads with new offers and spread hope to current holders of ANC coins.

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An Aaa+ aggressive marketing viral campaign on google ads, with trending youtube ads. + an extensive market making on binance.
I dont know , my son play axis , i get it.
i rent my anc and leverage it as collateral to build a more 40 years olds liquid scarce reserve with very high value from the best around the world.