bHNT for Helium Hotspot owners?

There’s a lot of helium hotspot owners earning HNT but they have no real way to earn yield aside from staking to a Helium validator service. Adding support for bHNT on Anchor would provide an avenue to unlock value in HNT through leverage. Check out currently at 167,000 hotspots globally all earning HNT. I’m not sure what the process is to add a new bonded token for collateral on anchor and if there would be interest for this?

Would probably need to start with Lido instead of Anchor. They’re handling the smart contracts for the bETH and bLUNA now such that the protocol receives the staking rewards to help pay for the Earn yield. Looks like HNT validators need 10k HNT staked to become a validator and ~6.5% real yield. So, Lido would have to run the validator infrastructure behind the scenes so that you deposit your HNT into the smart contract to get stHNT which can then be shipped over to Anchor as bHNT to be provided as collateral.

I’m sure there’d be demand for that, and certainly a good way for HNT holders to increase value. But, they’ve got to prioritize.

While I think that’d be a neat deal, I think it’s further down on the list before other larger PoS chains are onboarded. I’ve heard rumors of bSOL, bDOT, and bATOM but don’t have any knowledge of if/when those will become a thing.