Anchor rewards on my page

I have a large Anc UST pool and no reward ANC tokens are showing up on my page. Is anyone else having this problem? What would this be?

Thanks for your help.




I have the same issue going on.
Does anyone know what is happening or how to fix this?


Hi there,

It is the same here. LP stake rewards are not increasing. I was thinking it is just me but now I see that it is a general issue. I have no idea how to fix it. I unstaked and re-stake again but nothing changed.



the same for me
I have created my ANC -UST pool twice now (first thought it was me) and no change.
No ANC, but Astro is credited.

greetings Thomas

ANC-UST LP reward is ended yesterday.

you guys need to check docs for anchor or official twitter.

The frontend page show the accumulated average APR.

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Hi so are you saying we no longer earn rewards?


thx for your help here is the tweet

So what is the benefit now of keeping anything in the LP? And for that matter, what is the benefit of holding ANC? The price will nuke without a reward mechanism. Or perhaps this is the reason for the recent pump and now large drop by 50%…

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The benefit of having LP, is that you earn money by staking it. On you get 30%, meaning you get 10% more than putting that money in anchor. And that is not including that that rate can get up, and even more if the price of ANC goes up.

The benefit of holding ANC, is that you can stake it and now governance APY will go up since buyback from protocol fees all go to stakers. And it will get even more when V2 comes, and rewards for incentivizing borrowing go down to 0.

This will have a positive impact on price, most of the people who provided LP, sold half of their ANC in UST for new LP, meaning half of that ANC got sold. Protocol buys ANC itself from money it earns from fees.

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Thanks for clarification so are you saying that it would be better to move all ANC/UST into pools in terraswap? 30% is not that much attractive versus what it used to be, so i expect many users to leave Anchor for that reason unless increase in price of ANC and APY for governance will compensate that. Anchor will be good only for stablecoins i am afraid, please correct if i am wrong

@coin_seeker is right ,
i checks anchors tweet/forum/discord every days
because i have a lot of money in anchor and terra protocols most best ones.