Anchor protocol Yield reserve depleting

I would expect the earn apy interest rate might come down. I’m more concerned about ANC and Ust coin holding their value from repercussions from failing yield reserve. Looks as if money is moved into earning when stocks are down. This is affecting the yield reserve for sure.

I don’t think it’s a joke but more like a game of chicken being played. We just don’t don’t know if the other player is Abracadabra or regular investors. Let’s see who makes the first move.

The TFL overlord Do Kwon has implied that he or TFL will top off $300M (only) of Anchor yield reserve. But no clear statement, no commitment, nothing past the childish Twitter poll post (and calling anyone who questions him an “idiot”, of course). The reserves are now nearly depleted,

Went down from $70M a month ago to $20M today. There’s less than two weeks left and no one knows what will happen. Well, except the one unaccountable-to-anyone person who is de facto in control and charge, who only plays games but doesn’t engage in constructive dialogue or even inform the immense $9B of TVL as to what will happen come mid February.

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I’m projecting ~50% growth in borrowing demand from the LTV increase and further more once cross chain and v2 are running.

It will slow down the outflow but just accept we can switch to variable rates at any time and be ready for the change.

I’m sure Do won’t go bad on his tweet it’s meant to assure the community that the reserve is irrelevant.