Yield reserve is dropping these days?

I see yield reserve dropping these days. Are we tapping on yield reserve again? I thought we are not at at all in a bear market. Before b5 upgrade, yield reserve was increasing gradually. Is this something that we should be concerning about? or am i just fuss about it?

I would wait to see what happens over the next few months when new protocols arrive on Terra. If this persists after the ust drivers arrive, sure, it’s a problem.

For now, I place my faith in Ryan and that Stable Kwon guy. The yield reserve is large to allow for Anchor to have time to figure out a sustainable long-term model. It’s way too early to be scared.

Yield reserve has gone back up over $67M after dipping below $66M early in the week so right now it’s looking more sustainable now that bETH has been added. I suspect it will only get better with more collateral coming online. A real test will be another major full crypto market correction.