Even with dynamic anchor rate, another reserve top up is inevitably needed

At current reserve burn rate (around 5 million/day), Anchor reserve will run out by early June.
Yes, unfortunately, I’m looking at Anchor reserve again like most.

Either TFL or LFG will need to top up the reserve again even with dynamic anchor rate in place if Anchor protocol is to be saved once more. I know none of us wanted this to happen but this is the reality at this time.

And even at 15% lower cap for current dynamic rate (by end of July), the reserve depletion appears inevitable due to current bearish crypto & stock market conditions. Even a 13% earn rate would be acceptable if such rate can be sustained for long term.

Dynamic earn rate was a good idea but to be frank, wasn’t it just a delay tactic? And that reserve top up by TFL or LFG (albeit it , hopefully at slower rate) will be inevitable until the crypto winter is over - when & if that may occur? Alternative is to let the Anchor reserve go to zero (as some have suggested - really?) but this is not even an alternative - as this will cause mass exodus of UST investors from Anchor protocol & cause LUNA to destabilize & crash causing UST to depeg. None of these are a good thing IMO! Of course, none of us would be discussing Anchor reserve depletion if we weren’t in crypto winter of 2022.