Using ANC with Ozone Insurance

Unsure exactly how this would work but thought I’d put it out there as a germ of an idea.
Everyone knows ANC is currently suffering as there are far more savers currently than borrowers.

Many people who want to use Anchor Earn have been afraid in the past to bring in the big money due to the lack of security/insurance cover, myself included. What if we could tie up ANC and Ozone somehow to enable a special Ozone discount and/or added benefits than those on offer in the standard Ozone package. Maybe those that hold over an x amount of ANC get a better deal or maybe even have a tier leveled scheme.

This would make ANC far more appealing to the savers and increase its utility something I have mentioned in the past is sadly lacking. It would also mean those that saved could end up getting free or almost free insurance cover for their Earn.


Anchor Earn is planned to be the first insured item on Ozone, however we will have to think about incentives for reducing rates with ANC lockup.


@Sihyeok 25 bps hike tho , many markets , many audience layers.
2.75 percent in 2023

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Yes you are right now

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What is the point of a discount if there is no insurance capacity? Ozone has been at 100% capacity since the day it launched.
They can offer a 99% discount if they like, because no-one can actually buy any !