Smart Contract capabilities added for Anchor UST savings deposits

Midas focused our attention on the current bet between Mark Cuban and Peter Mallouk. Its a $2 million dollar bet, and Cuban is offering to “put it into an Eth smart contract”. Midas led a raid campaign to propose holding the wagered amount in anchor. Which led us both to conclude we need smart contract capabilities added to Anchor deposits for multiple use cases.

Locking deposits for multiple parties in a trustless way would offer a whole new spectrum of use cases for Anchor Protocol.

(If you want to see the original twitter convo, go to Mark Cubans official page or Midas page)

Midas tweet: “This made me think the following: People who like placing bets + anchor protocol + angel protocol = ? Just dropping the idea, maybe there’s a dev who reads this and makes it a reality? Who knows”

and I was messaging him simultaneously: “Anchor needs to add that smart contract component. Like today. That the deposit can be locked for a certain amount of time. And unlocked to someone upon certain parameters. All that. We need that.”