Sharing my research on the profile of Anchor Borrowers

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The Anchor team may be interested in reading my findings on the characteristics of Anchor Borrowers. :bar_chart:

You will learn that that Anchor depositors that voted on an Anchor governance proposal are 8 times more likely to borrow compared to non-voters.

I also build a model that uses the blockchain history of Anchor depositors to estimate their odds of borrowing .

My full report is available here:

I would love to get some feedback from Anchor. Feel free to send me your research questions if that is useful.

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@Zook Aprecitate, thanks
Delphi D is hiring quants if you are interested.


Hi @Li-Wei ,

I just sent my application to Delphi Digital. Thank you for letting me know about this opportunity.

By the way, I like your photography of Inner Mongolia. The landscapes are quite impressive.

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