Raise bLUNA LTV to 80%

Thanks, @Kamil for paving the way the first time to get us to where we are now!

I agree, I don’t know why the liquidation price indicator was removed.

I think that it is crucial to add it to all windows in the borrow section: borrow, repay, provide and withdraw. Removing it adds complexity to borrowing. Instead of having very simple math done for me I have to take a calculator every time I want to manage my borrowing!

The rest of the update looks great and I love it! The change in the UI is great just minor details that may need adjustment IMHO


It doesn’t disincentivize borrowing, if the base LTV holding 0 ANC matches what the LTV was at 65%.

This just incentivizes ANC token utility. Which increases its value, which make the borrow incentives more lucrative.

If so, it increases borrowing as ANC would no longer be a dump token.

The more you borrow the more ANC, you get rewarded with higher LTV.

Well said. This is a big problem for most users. Ive been asked many times by users on other Servers where the Liquidation indicator has gone, especially with Repay. It is essential to know and be able to simulate what the impact of a Repay amount is to your Liq point. Without this its hard to steer the car, with a tendency to over or under shoot each time which can create more problems. Can this be reactivated as a priority? Much appreciated.


Following up on the previous requests to bring back the Liquidation Indicator functionality on the UI, the community feedback I am seeing is that it is quite urgently needed, particular right now with the price of luna sliding and the user community unable to determine their Liquidation positions other than guess work with the new LTV indicator. All efforts to prioritise this are enormously appreciated. :pray: :pray: :pray:


And it is fixed! Big thanks for listening Anchor Team :100: :heart:

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Still missing from provide and withdraw buttons though!


Oh damn missed them! Yes agree, would be helpful to have the same Liq indicators there too…hmm

Given the increased liquidity of bETH over time, it may make sense to consider raising the max LTV of bETH to 75%. The bETH collateral has been steadily increasing over time and has become a larger part of the collateral base. Raising the max LTV would give current borrowers a bit more breathing room and allow others to borrow more without having to deposit more collateral - both good things for the protocol. It should also be very easy to implement. Thoughts?


Agreed, we can do another quick risk scenario and update the LTV for bETH since the value has been steadily growing since the last call to not raise it was made. I think with will be very healthy for the borrowing side of the protocol.

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I agree with this too, looks like the results from the luna increase had a very noticible impact. Beth is starting to take hold and it is looking strong.

Cross chain is what we need right now we can access liquidity on other protocols, it might also be worth while to work with Tokemak to direct liquidity towards collaterals to increase our ability to leverage ltv on protocol.

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Let’s get this rolling,

Add-on (maybe make a new thread)
bETH LTV from 60%->80%

if possible actually, lets project it out and plan for the launch date.
This seems to be an effective way of exercising governance for low cost high value usage.
might as well do this for msol + cross-chain as well and publish the data for stakeholders. I would utilize serum for msol and we can use beth / 2 as a modelling layer.

From there, I dont know, @bitn8 @fig do you have an approx eta for cross chain. Eth is obviously here, not sure what team is working on but SOL, AVAX, Poly, osmosis are the next leading contendors.

From what I can tell with Do Kwon BTC before all else is the obvious choice.


Hey @bitn8. Now that raising the LTV for bLuna to 80% has turned out quite nicely, should we restart this conversation on increasing the LTV cap for bEth to 80%? It’ll make sense for sAvax since the LPs is not existent for now but Terraswap’s bEth-UST LP currently sits at a healthy $7.11mil LP value. On top of that, the liquidation queue on Anchor sits at $8.7mil with half of it sits below the 8% premium. (Credits to Kujira Orca for the screenshot below)

Now this increase in LTV will be timely given that Nexus is implementing EthNexus which will bring native Eth holders to the Terra ecosystem by implementing a simple UI for them to be onboarded into Terra and obtaining yield using the Anchor Borrow (https://twitter.com/NexusProtocol/status/1503479594384445440?s=20&t=-KkkdmC0YPXAtS3ZBrdSdA). The current yield for nEth sits at 7.43% APR compared to nLuna at 9.90% APR. By improving the LTV, we’re able to bring higher yield to Eth holders both in Terra & those interacting with EthNexus from Eth. This will potentially drive higher adoption of Terra amongst the Eth community.

Thanks to @somethingelse for pointing out that it could be possible to raise the LTV for bEth.

Disclaimer: I’m personally invested in Psi, bEth in Nexus, holds Eth and actively participating in bEth Orca


Agreed. I think it is time as well. probably 80% might be a bit high was thinking between 70-80% based on what I have seen.

Would love to see a poll go live!

Sounds like a plan, shall we go with 75% to start with?


Very excited let`s go !

Yes, would love to see someone get a poll up

how much is it approx rn, $2500? I’ll have to buy the anchor but I can get it running, just send me the template to post.

Made the forum post up, please go and vote, I’ll post governance poll with enough support.

maybe a little help it only allows me to select bluna on the proposal template.