Proposed Modifications to veANC tokenomics


This is a short summary of the current leading proposal on forums for improving Anchor tokenomics and boosting borrower demand. This also includes other strongly supported community ideas that would help the proposal gain unanimous community support:

First the OP can be found here, please give it a read: [Proposal] veANC: Evolving Anchor Tokenomics

Some great analysis as to possible issues with the proposal are here:

Next some great community ideas that can be implemented and run along with veANC here:

My suggestions to the OP @tetris @Pong @atari is, following @davidkohcw feedback, to address anchor token emissions runway,

Staked aust can require a minimum veANC requirement to meet the premium yield.

In additions we can extend the token emissions runway with the 5x/10x borrowers rewards staking.

These two strategies solve all 3 negative factors David has risen regarding the tokenomics model and will gather large support from the community from what I can tell. We will poll it on this topic and discuss.

in addition we should redirect the airdrops to borrowers pool should veANC pass to further extend runway: Anchor Combined Prop

Should veANC tokenomics be modified to integrate the two community ideas for giving anchor depositors a reason to hold anchor and extending the borrowers emissions runway?

  • Yes, both should be integrated.
  • Yes, only the saUST
  • Yes, only the staked borrowers rewards
  • No, poll veANC as the OP had planned.

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