[Proposal] Raise bETH LTV to 75%

I will support this proposal


Fully support - good upside with very minimal risk.


This is great. Would love to see a higher bETH LTV cap. That being said, xAnchor is adding bETH right? Are you assuming it’s fine to just watch sAVAX and other things being added as a metric to tell if that’ll break the current bETH system when it goes crosschain?


From my understanding savax is under xanchor, ui still reports legacy im sure the team is crazy busy with cross chain and what not. 80% will remain for Beth the liquidity is present. I believe both bluna and Beth are being reworked for xanchor anyways so there won’t be too much to change / worry about once xanchor is live.

We’re nearing 50 polls guys keep it up let’s get this live!

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If LTV changes to 75%, I will move my ETH from AAVE on Polygon over to Anchor (it’s 80% LTV over there).


I am waiting for your tx hash :wink:

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I just threw my anchor on edge to buy some gohm since I caught wind Olympus and Anchor are in talks rn lmao. Looks like teams got me on this one.

Need this ASAP! I’ll move all my ETH from Aave into Anchor.


Hey guys, looks like poll passed 50 and batom is moving strong. I’ll roll this prop out today for everyone to vote on!!

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Way for this as ETH is about as trusted an asset one can get these days anyway. Exluding it from higher ltvs is a bar set too high :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, sorry guys just having a bit of difficulting getting my Anchor to be recognized to submit the poll. you’ll have to give me a bit more time here.

Can someone see if they are able to poll for this I’ve tried multiple devices I’m unable to get it running. Will submit bug report on git.

what happen? just create poll by “Register Collateral Attributes” with this forum link.

you don’t need to attach your poll.

No, the site is unable to query my staked Anchor, here is the issue i posted it on git:

Getting help from support to get this online asap.

You need the ANC token not staking ANC.

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Governance Anchor works for proposals it’s in the doc’s


This was some work to do lol my hands are sweaty on this one. Please don’t let it fail.

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I agree with your proposal. :smiley:

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I’d say we’d better to introduce two-level LTVs, one for initial LTV and another for maintenance, day 75% and 80% respectively.

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