[Proposal] Increase Oracle Timeout

The recent increase of whitelisted assets (and their price feeds) such as sAVAX and bATOM has caused the current oracle timeout threshold of 60 seconds to become problematic. As Anchor whitelists more collateral types which further increases the number of price feeds this issue will become more pronounced.

The proposal calls for increasing the oracle timeout to 90 seconds to prevent oracle timeouts that can lead to stale price feeds and operation issues with the Anchor protocol.


I don’t think much needs to discussed on this just roll it out onto gov. Isn’t really much option apart from removing the xanchor assets now but it’s a bit late for that and aside from the fact we need them on Anchor anyways.

What is the safe adjustment to be held? 120s?

Can this just be pushed through on git without governance? probably with the xanchor update?

Thanks to @ryanology045 foresight it’s a simple message excecute that will update the contract Param. Still need a vote. Will get a poll up Monday. Just following precedent with a forum post


good to hear, it’s got my support.

Poll is now live - Anchor Protocol. Please vote


Thanks for your efforts and dedication. Going to vote now.