Notification of Liquidation

Anchor providing a notification and 1 hour opportunity to submit additional collateral to prevent liquidation would support borrowers and adoption. I believe Aave has this feature. This would be a value feature .


it would be great if we can set up a limit for automatic repaying or providing more collateral as well.

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Building a telegram bot for alerting liquidations sounds like a good project worth a community grant (although it’s really up to governance to decide).

Unfortunately 1 hour window is not applicable since it forces the protocol to take on additional risk.

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@ryanology045 I’m interested in this liquidation alert telegram bot idea you mention here. But also don’t want to repeat work done by others. Are you aware of anyone else who is working on this?

Not exactly what was envisioned here, but the Anchor HODL script is a start to what you are looking for @kzzyt.


From my knowledge, there aren’t anyone else working one this – you can be the first to develop it

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I really like the notification idea. This may be harder to do but if anchor allows user to set specific LTV to get notifications, that’ll be awesome. Personally for myself, I’ll like to know when LTV is at 40% so I can lower it or when it’s 20% so I can borrow more or sell collateral.

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What if there was an option to auto withdraw or use EARN funds like overdraft protection when facing liquidation. I currently keep a significant amount in BORROW but also a significant amount in EARN which I manually move to Repay when my LTV gets uncomfortably high, especially at bedtime. If I knew I was covered with “Overdraft protection” I would sleep much better. We could even charge a small execution fee for this service.