[IDEA] Increase Anchor Protocol transaction fees to support $ANC profit sharing

I rather have a protocol that helps me build my retirement fund 1mil$ then living out of the returns.
But people are so greedy that they think that in 15 years they still want 19,5% returns on 1 mil $ even if they dont have 10k now.

If you know a protocol that offers more then 12% on USDT just let me know.

And regarding your proposal i dont think it will help that much… they need to come with a better solution for the token. The token need to have a purpose.

For example swap anc with shib… when you barrow i give you shib in return in Governance you need shib not anc so i dont se no difference between them.

The token needs his own sustainability a project that you need to buy anc to access it and buy things with it and to have a need for the token.
Ex axi… create a game and put a token inside of course you will need that token to play the game at the full game potential … more token more potential … you get the meaning


I agree with you that the current tokenomics of $ANC don’t lead to effective governance.

The current tokenomics active promote the active dumping of $ANC, which is exactly what the overwhelming present majority of $ANC holders want.

Respectfully, though, please refrain from high jacking this thread with your opinions of the earn side APR. I acknowledge and agree that it is a problem, but it is one to solved separately.

Instead, maybe help by giving suggestions on how the $ANC idea can be improved upon, with justification.


I think this is a great idea.

0.5% is extremely high… simple maybe but not clean and fair…lol
it will create a storm in my eyes, just like it did for venus protocol when they implemented it, i would start with a much lower percentage, like 0.01% and see from there the reaction.
0.5% for 1mil $ is 5k USD in fees? lol… even the bank set a limit of fees from a certain amount, we can’t be worse the the banks. also some people move the funds in and out this 0.5% is adding up fast…peace.

so besides loling do you have a number in your mind that is fair? 0%?

i did write 0.01% and i fear from a sharp reaction so maybe even half of that, we can check the monthly withdraw of assets and get a better understanding on the volume we are talking about ,we can see how many times a month a wallet deposit and withdraw assets on average and it will give us clarity. if we want to shoot and hope for a good results than 0.05% is a number i feel will be a safe change.

also when you say withdrawal fee you mean only for the assets deposited like bLUNA, bETH right? excluding stable withdraw and deposit?

including. but the community ultimately decides the percentage - on what is fair and not too intrusive.

the objective is to stabilise governance, and incentivise the $anc holders to hodl their tokens.

(Examples of withdrawal fees)

Increasing fees can be a meaningful way. It is one of the ways to prevent bank runs and increase strong holders while allowing people to have UST from a long-term perspective.

If the UST depositor has to pay a 0.5% withdrawal fee, the depositor will not be swept away by simple FUD or malicious rumors. This brings stability.

It will benefit those who are willing to pay a 0.5% commission and those who believe in growth in the long run.
(After all, short-term holders are useless in the ecosystem.)

The word “for the growth of the ecosystem” is no longer meaningful. UST has already grown beyond its control.
Now we need to make $ANC useful and take stability little by little.

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0.5% is nothing.

Let’s say you have $50,000 invested in Anchor and you withdraw $833 per month in interest on that balance (at approx. 20% APY). The 0.5% withdrawal fee is $4.16.

Take home is $829. Is this really a big problem?

If you keep loading $5m and withdrawing $5m every month then yes, that is going to get expensive and rightfully so by design.

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You’re right. Sometimes it’s disgusting to see people who don’t want to make any concessions while taking 20% of their profits.


let’s also see if veANC really happens, and it’s impact on $ANC.

in parallel we can try to discuss with the community what numbers will work in a proposal.

i have a good feeling about $anc within a two month horizon if community is united.

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I support adding withdrawal fee if the protocol has to profit. This also boost loyalty to customers without making it a time deposit.

But I will say buyback is not quite desirable to me because this provide opportunity for fund/whales to sell. I would say adding the reward to ANC staking reward would be a more viable option for everyone as people who stake are people who truly support the growth of this community long term in real money so they should be the one who is prioritized for profit-sharing.

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actually don’t understand what you are driving at? this thread was about $ANC.

need some clarification on the focus of your post.

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that is true it is nothing, but what you, i and the rest here think is just one group within many groups within the whole. we have to accommodate many other perspectives and wallet sizes. i have seem how a community/ users responded to a 0.5% fee, 60% of the capital was withdrawn in 3 days, if you are comfortable with that go ahead with 0.5% on stable and supplied asset and you can think and feel you are in the right, right or wrong doesn’t matter, it is about harmony and trying to create a system that is able to be sustainable/ profitable and capturing a considerable market share.

in my eyes a gentler approach would be to set a fee only on the supplied assets and not the UST withdrawals and deposits, many including me are using it like a bank account, money comes in and out on a daily basis, so 0.5% is outrageous in my eyes per transaction, instead we can place a management fee on the entire holdings / net value of deposited assets+ stables. this is not affected by transaction but the portfolio one is managing on ANC and time.

also i think interest rate should be up to 100k 0.5%%, than up to 500k 0.4%, over a mil 0.3% and so on till we reach the 0.1% and this is time based and not transaction base.

peace :sunny: