How does Anchor Protocol calculate the borrow apr.?

Hi All,

do you know how the borrow apr. does be calculated?
I wanna use a web crawler to track the change of the borrow apr.
but when I check the HTML things, I don’t see any numbers of the borrow apr.
the most related number I found is “borrow rate”, and the number is 0.000000032763396624,
which is way different from the current borrow apr, 15.04%.

That looks like it could be the net apy (distribution-borrow)

I would like to know also what are the parameters that determine said APR…

it’s a per-block rate, see Interest Model - Anchor Protocol

Yeah, dude
And, I just wanna the healthy level of this protocol.

Thanks for the information, I read them.
The description is so abstractive.
and, I am still confused about how borrow Apr. being calculated from these factors.
Do you know how?