Drawing down for passive income

I checked Smoothy and see it as a great alternative to uniswap where all I want is to swap UST/USDC pairs. But I don’t see UST on Smoothy at this time unless I’m missing something.

Ozone is coming. More details coming

Best route is USDC via Algorand on Kraken (at least in the US) to Kucoin. Then from there to your terra wallet. I have not done this yet because Kraken in not available for NY state residents. Currently I have i have do the more expensive USDC via er20

I’m not sure if this will help or not but I will explain my path in and out of Terra. (US Ohio based)

To add funds from my bank, I use Binance.us, as its the cheapest and fastest option I’ve found.

I wait the 10 day settling period then buy ADA, BNB, ATOM, or ALGO (fee is .008 % or something)

Note: ATOM and BNB are super fast to transfer

I send it to KuCoin (Using ADA the fee is 1 ADA)

In Kucoin i exchange ADA to USDT then USDT to UST (fee is .008 % or something per transaction)

Then send UST to Terra wallet (fee is 4 UST)

Then do what ever needs to be done in Terra station (fee is usually less than 1 UST per transaction)

to remove funds I do the same but in reverse. Once funds are in binance they usually take about 5 days to get funds back in my bank.

I wish it was possible to have transactions between my bank and Terra. I hope this is the goal in the future.

@puddles , thank you so much for making this post. I hope we can find a way to make getting into and out of Terra easier. This is pretty much the only platform I’m using anymore.


He is my path in and out from Binance and an European country with euro.

IN : SEPA € transfer to binance (free) → €/USDT pair (binance trading fee) → USDT to BSC -(usually 0.4 USDT fee) > USDT/UST pair on pancakeswap (pancake trading fee) → UST to terra using terrabridge (fee of one BSC transaction, usually around 0.4$)

OUT : The very same expect that I send directly to BSC using terra station instead of the bridge.

SEPA take a few hours, all the rest is only taking a few minutes.

Hope it helps !

Dead in the water, they’ve split up now

Have you considered the taxation implications on this? Wouldn’t mind hearing what you came up with.