Change LP Incentive to aUST/ANC

I think the protocol would benefit from changing the subsidized LP pool to have aUST instead of regular UST. This would effectively mean the aUST in the LP pool is being lent out at the same time. If people want to just swap regular UST, a front end wizard could just do the conversion automatically. Alpha Homora has already done this with great success with their alpha pools. It makes a lot of sense for lending protocols like this.


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Wouldn’t this increase slippage for those wishing to convert UST to ANC (which is going to be the majority of traders)

It would need to be configured so that when a user uses the UI it automatically converts to aUST before doing the swap. It would convert directly using the Anchor deposit/withdraw so it wouldn’t have any extra slippage. Perhaps some extra gas as it is an extra step.

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I’d definitely enjoy this functionality