Capapult High yield earnings

We are a startup from Sweden.
Our plan is to make high interest yield go mainstream, starting in Sweden and then rest of Scandinavia.

We are going to develop an app, easy to use with as few clicks as possible to start earning yields.
We are going to use a on- off ramp service and our vision is to use the local currency in anchor earn.

The users interest rates depends on different factors, time, amount.

We are also planning to release a card connected to users account, making it easy to spend the yield.

We are right now working with different law firms in Sweden and building the team.

The jurisdiction has been tough but we have come along way.

We are planning to make a proposal for receiving funding, but first we want to know if you find it interesting.

The funding will go to continue working with the jurisdiction and to develop the app.

The Founders is:
Daniel Eliasson @brascelido , twitter
Jessica Eliasson @jessicaeliasson ,twitter

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Hi would it only be in sweden, are you planning on bringing the service at some point to the US or will that place be last ?

Hi! Thanks for asking.
We start in Sweden but aiming for the the scandinavian countries, there will be other startups covering other places of the world.

Sounds exciting! Can you drop me a Telegram dm to @ryanology045 ?

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Hi Ryan, thanks. Dm sent :pray: