Anchor Slow Burn Redemption Process

“Default bLuna redemptions take at least 21 days to process. Slashing events during the 21 days may affect the final amount withdrawn. Redemptions are processed in 3-day batches and may take up to 24 days.”

Why are redemptions processed in 3 day batches? Is there a manual process that must be kicked off to begin slow burns of bLUNA? Are there any plans to process redemptions more often than once every 3 days? Is there anything that must occur other than undelegating the staked LUNA from validators?

The 3-day batch is due to the limitation imposed by the Terra blockchain, which only allows up to 7 undelegations at any point in time. Dividing the undelegation period (21 days) with 7 yields 3 days, which was chosen to be the period of batch creation