Anchor Combined Prop

Another idea, rather than wBTC as collaterall, why not BTC(native)-RUNE LP as collaterall? That’s a BTC yield bearer on a Cosmos chain.

no it doesnt include borrowers emissions.


Ok thanks for clarification. Im happy here =)

I stake half my worth LUNA btw, and I want ANC belive in purpose fundamental role. I’m ok to stop those emissions to myself to stop inflating. Plenty airdrops around as is plenty pleased with base luna staking rewards without airdrops as is.
Edit: it can be nice apy booster for people fir sure, I mean luna staker anc rewards get fed through prism and other protocols and more will come. One hand that seems vampirism, other hand it is used valued incentives growth which is intent of it…2nd edit I just train if thought wishy washed. I think the time has come, exponential growth is here in my mind and emissions served their purpose. Good to vote I won’t hate on either yay or nay, timing such as this is complex.

Hey Guys, with all the new collaterals incoming bATOM, wBTC etc, is there a plan to also implement staked FTM in the near future? I believe they have quite good yields as well. :slight_smile:

with xanchor we can throw up just about anything we want as a collateral. Just need to know how to put up the poll and put 1000 anchor for it.

I think we’re just polling these one at a time for now instead of doing one larger proposal.

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You just unstake your ANC and create the poll.

Just got acknowledgement yeah I do gotta unstake :confused:

Yes, ETH, FTM, Polygon next up!

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This poll is now live - Anchor Protocol


I will support. good job. already done.


Market maker rewards are usually not very much money - as example providing 10k of LP is about $.20 a day in rewards on pure market fees. (This is a gross estimate but I believe it to be reasonable experience of other LP’s with large pools)

Let’s be honest the volume on tefi is not NEAR the volume of something on ETH like uniswap, YET! So relying on pure market fees to attract LP, might not work out.

Having a healthy market - With your token paired with a bluechip token like ETH or a stable token with an arbitrage market - IS ESSENTAL for Tokennomics, long term growth, and price discovery. Having a ‘thin’ market will increase volatility and decrease legitimacy. You cannot say a token is ‘financial revolution’ when it has only 5 million liquid on terraswap.

Secondly, won’t some farmers get out of tier LP positions and thus have the exact opposite effect?

3ed, I’m not sure I like the plan of using the money for “…???..TBA”

I’m in favor of stop giving the Luna stakers free $ANC. I mean, it’s kinda free ANC for all right now haha.

  1. Free ANC for borrowers
  2. Free ANC for Luna Stakers

Lets stop this madness right now!

About approving BTC for collateral, Im OK with it as far as the percentage of the total borrowing for using BTC as Collateral is lets say about 25% of all between ETH, AVAX, ATOM and the next assets to come. Why? Because BTC as Collateral Will bot give the extra yield from mining/Staking that gives ETH/AVAX/ATOM/ etc.


I look at anchor protocol as a Loss Leader designed to gain market share. But we don’t have to pay for $ANC as an additional freebie.

Oh man. This is partly what this proposal is meant to fix. Anchor was a first in line, gateway into Terra. Now we need to ween off the freebie train and assess how to strengthen the protocol which houses majority of UST and borrow in Terra.

The stronger anchor looks, the better it is for Terra overall.

I hope it has become apparent especially over the last couple of months.

I will support it for the fact that the community pool can be routed to Anchor features or products that build up the ecosystem which is where the real strength is.

@bitn8 - Q: Will there be some heads up, transparency or involvement with $ANC stakers on how to direct the pool spending ?

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We as a community have a lot of great ideas for utilizing the airdrop Anchor. Check out veANC prop that’s the current running solution for Anchor after xAnchor is implemented.

Feels like the right time to end airdrops. As they are typically used to build awareness, encourage adoption, and reward early contributors, Anchor has matured beyond this point.

The product is known, used, and a central talking point within the Terra ecosystem. Shifting these funds towards the community pool and enabling more specific growth expenditures seems fitting.

As for wBTC it is clear it is something the community is interested in:

Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 1.06.13 PM

You can see this reflected in click counts, receiving 3-4x the amount of traffic.

“Bitcoin DeFi" has been incredibly restrictive and users are wary of hacks on protocols like Badger. There is a clear need but a large target.

Integrating wBTC in a safe, meticulous way expands the product suite of Anchor and activates it across the wider crypto community and networks - transforming it beyond Terra.


I prefer to use the ANC to juice borrower rewards and lower the net borrower rate. Incentivise the behavior we want, more (income generating) collateral.

What is the community pool wallet address for Anchor? I don’t think I’ve seen it before. It’ll be good to post it for transparency.

Otherwise, I’m onboard.

Just check terrascope, you can see the community pool address