Addition of LunaX as collateral on Anchor

Wouldnt this be terrible for yield reserve why would anyone use bluna?

This will come in the coming weeks as we refine it more.

Stader and LUNAx will be a big part of it!

As stated, I dislike how this promotes centralisation, almost as if TFL and Terra were favouring Stader. I disapprove of how voting power is increasingly concentrated in the hands of validators which Stader approves of. In addition, I believe this will make bLuna obsolete. For these reasons, I will vote no on this proposal.

After passed the veANC, no worry about this.

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Stader uses concrete and transparent data about the validator performance (Uptime, APRs etc.) to select validators. In terms of community contribution, it is based on surveys/ feedback from the community so far. Medium to long term, the decision making will be decentralised and done by governance.

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