YIELD RESERVE will be 0 soon so we need a solution

There is no solution. You need to milk the cow till is dying and done. This is my conclusion and on top of that you need to pay taxes :)))

V2 will solve this, and you haven’t heard about Monero.

Here are a few LP pairs that give more than 12% APY on stablecoins, there are many more options that offer leveraged stablecoin LP pairs with much higher rates.


I don’t know why everybody feels that any person (or app) is more deserving of FREE MONEY than anyone else, regardless of how much money you put in there.

You didn’t work for this 20% APY money, it’s being handed our FREELY, just put some money in there and earn interest. YOU AREN’T DOING ANYTHING FOR IT.

So why should one person, just because they are a working human putting in $500 a month be more worthy of it than a protocol that is dead. They should have the same rights to access this free money, because if LFG wants to shovel money off the back of a truck to people running by it’s their money to shovel away. They never had any agreement with you personally to give it to you, and only you and to other people like you.

Just saying, it’s like If I wanna throw my money into a bonfire, and some happen to float off and you catch it, you can’t say I should throw the money in your direction and limit it from going into the fire, because it’s my money I can do what I want with it. Just like LFG and them topping up the yield protocol.

Sorry for disappointing, but that 20% isn’t handed for free, you need to lock the money you worked for in order to get that.
The interesting part is that work can be divided to physical work and knowledge.
The ones who have physical and mental potential can realize it (or work) to give others things only they can give. That’s why they receive money (or a salary). They have to spend time and effort to get this money, then buy UST with it, and only then they can get 20% “for free”.
Unless, of course, their job title includes computing languages. That way they have the advantage of building (or interacting with) dapps. Which also requires a lot of work. So dapp builders deserve it too.
By your standards, the only ones who “don’t deserve the 20%” are inheritance whales. And btw, they work too, they split wallets and bypass those limiters ideas.

tldr - if you have skin in the game (put time or money in your project), you deserve the paycheck. If you’re honest and contributing to a higher cause.


You gotta be kidding me if you think putting your money in a protocol is “work”. You can put it anywhere you want. Yield farming itself is work, but it’s the work of looking for “free” money.

Point is, Anchor is giving out free money. You want some, you can get a portion of it, but just because you think you are a working human being, doesn’t mean you deserve the money more than other use cases.


I honestly don’t think any limitation should be imposed to the protocol. That will mean a capital control inflow/outflow which is not the core value of the decentralized world.

We are now trying to make more users into the protocol. People have different ways of using it, no matter it is borrowing, lending, or staking ANC. If you cannot accept the fact that most of the whales are richer than you, you will have a hard time in crypto space.

So I think better question to ask is how to balance lending and borrowing - the protocol could only be self-sustained if it operates like a traditional bank - proper lender, proper borrower, proper risk control, etc.

I would say we should find way to boost lending business - this is the top priority.

The underlying meaning of money is the debt of a nation to an individual. If I managed to gain 20,000$ I have the right to be a parasite for (20,000$/cost of living) years (definition of pension).

The fact that an individual is more productive then others gives him the opportunity to accumulate extra time.
Giving money is a job, but only if you consider working for banks and sharks as jobs. The job of a bank is to give money, so you can make productive use of it. Pay them more pay them less or don’t pay them at all - this is why banks and credit cards were created.
FYI - every wallet is a bank. This is the main reason blockchain is not integrated to our lives - banks and states will lose shitloads of money.

Money is a scoreboard, and productivity is not an opinion. if you are not contributing you won’t get a paycheck, you never stock time as cash and you will never have a chance of locking it in that vault. This is why that individual deserves the 20% yield.

We cannot look at the protocol as it is, we need to figure out how did we end up considering locking our money here, because no one will lock money for 20% if they can’t buy food or pay rent.

You are right, the money in the vault didn’t come from protocol revenue, but that doesn’t mean its free money. People worked hard to get this amount of money, and they choose to give it to a certain community - the community that will make the protocol profitable for all of it’s individuals.

The day time stops - that’s free money.

No one “deserves” anything, the air you breath and the water you drink are not there because you need them to survive, it’s the other way around.

Furthermore, if we agree to not pay and just swap goods for services, money will disappear like it never existed, and what’s left is people working for people. Money is just another step in the way.

I guess your anger is coming from the fact that you didn’t get inheritance and will never get one, and so you think that successors are cheaters. It all comes down to responsibility, great power comes to productive, honest, responsible individuals.
But that is just my opinion, and I’m a nobody.


So, a non-productive protocol is like any other entity, it’s working (albeit non-productively).

You don’t seem to realise you are agreeing with me.

“People worked hard to get this amount of money, and they choose to give it to a certain community - the community that will make the protocol profitable for all of it’s individuals.”

Degen vaults are doing something as well. Point is, you can’t argue that something is taking yield away, and we should give it to people and humans who don’t leverage.

You can lock your money in a shoebox, it’s all up to you where you want to lock your money away. Why don’t you argue with the shoebox you lock your money with , and say it needs to give you 20% as well? The 20% isn’t a given right that all money should accumulate interest. Every dollar put into anchor has the same right to the yield, independent of use case until the contributors of Anchor’s yield say anything different.

Whoever decided to give 20% out, decided to give it in whatever why they did and made it possible for protocols to access this liquidity for whatever reason. You can’t argue with them it’s your right to a larger share of the pie. As long as you deposit $X with the protocol, you are being give $0.2x APY. That’s my point. You can’t say a protocol shouldn’t be allowed to access it because we should it to working people only. That’s not how money works, as you pointed out.

How am I angry? You are the one who seems angry. Lol, I don’t know what this has to get with any inheritance, you are probably speaking about your own experiences. A nobody with no inheritance.

I am a nobody with no inheritance. Proud to know my limits.

Things you and this protocol are missing:
Take money from customers so I can give it to producers who can give me more money so I can give my customers their yield as promised.
Why it’s not working in this protocol? no producer (or producer fees).
What are you missing? Shoeboxes can’t find producers, unlike all of these beautiful minds here.