Should consider more airdrop from Astroport

I definitely agree with this opinion.

Airdrop happens only once.
The redirection of the 33% of the lp rewards is forever.

Anchor stakers should receive more compensation for this change.

Astro was designed to make Astro governance better not for Anchor.

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Astroport rewards can be used to lower ANC LP emissions, ASTRO doesn’t want the ANC LPs because of the ANC emission rewards, they don’t gain anything from them, they want the liquidity to be on their platform.

This idea that we’re doing them a favor is misguided, ASTRO will allow us to reduce emissions and stop overpaying for liquidity, so in a way ASTRO will be doing us a favor by paying for our liquidity.

Where did you get the information you wrote?

Could you tell me why and how you are sure?

  • They want AND LPs because of the fee usage.

Anyway, you don’t have to agree but I would say people should know the mechanism behind it.