Proposals That Slow Yield Reserve Outflow Needed ASAP

We have about a month left of Yield Reserve at current pace.

Can we please discuss solutions to either slow the outflows or buy time until bSOL / bATOM collateral contracts are implemented.

We don’t have much time before we hit levels in which people begin to panic, maybe a few weeks at most.

It looks like you’ve missed the latest update.


Forgot to check my tweets this morning! Long live Do King!

LMAO for real.

Guess you were right, time to buy ANC.

It’s scary how there is not just one entity but just one person in de facto control of Anchor. What a strong case for governments to come in and come down hard on regulation.

Not expressing opinion one way or another, just stating how the optics here look, especially to a politician.

As for solutions, various have been proposed (my proposal here), but everyone always has different opinions, so nothing goes anywhere… which I guess is counterpoint to the “concern” with a strong leader. If we can’t have a governing body (which would be more accountable to the community), then a benevolent dictator is what we need. Otherwise, purely community driven, there will never be enough consensus or impetus to actually move forward with anything remotely controversial, which is almost always going to be the case with serious problems.

Do isn’t in control of Anchor. They are (TFL) providing liquidity that would buy the team some time to finish developing some features that would help the sustainability of the protocol.

What do you mean by “what a strong case for governments to come in and come down hard on regulation”? Which government? Why would they regulate TFL providing liquidity for the protocol? You sound like you come from a country or a political perspective that feels entitled to regulate overseas on organizations they do not control nor understand.

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Hope they replenish the reserve this week.

I meant regulate the whole product, for various reasons, one being how much influence one person has. I am hoping UST is immune from US regs as it’s not backed by actual USD, but there may be ways to get to it still as it’s USD pegged (IMO the smart thing would have been to do Anchor in SDT, SDR pegged, then it’s not tied to any one currency and no government can try to claim dominion over it). The current extremely anti-crypto and pro big banks administration (Warren, Yelen and other big bank cronies) in the US may go to great lengths to try to regulate Anchor. Of course, I sure hope that doesn’t happen.

Why do you concern so much with US regulations and not South Korea or Singapore’s regulations?

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SGT and KRT are not yet that prominently used.