[Proposal] Introducing the New Anchor Liquidation Queue

Hi @ryanology045,
I believe it’s a great idea for the fair liquidation process and another step towards full decentralisation of the Terra ecosystem (from the liquidation side) which allows anyone to participate.
Сould you please clarify the following points:

  1. Do you know what is going to be with TFL Liquidator? It has quite a lot of bids right now (5m UST for bEth and 59m UST for bLuna).
    1.1. Will it participate in the new Anchor Liquidation Queue?
    1.2. What is going to be with that assets if TFL Liquidator will not participate in the new queue?

  2. According to the Kujira UI, the max premium rate (discount) is 30%. The current max premium value is 15%, as it was changed in the Anchor Gov Poll #3.
    2.1. Will the value be changed to 30% after the proposal pass?
    2.2. If so, why is it not done in the same way as before - by voting?

  3. If a borrower, that is going to be liquidated, has MIXED collaterals (bLuna + bEth), should the bid be submitted for both collaterals, or only one would be enough?
    UPD. found from the loan-liquidation doc that the answer is YES, two bids are necessary. :slightly_smiling_face:

  4. What is going to be, if the amount of collateral needed to be liquidated is higher than the total amount of bids submitted for the particular premium rate section (which is the next in a queue)? Will it be passed to the next premium rate section in a queue, the one that has the necessary amount of UST?

Thank you in advance!

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