Onboard bSOL as collateral

Can we please think about placing explicit borrow limits based on some measure of liquidity? What is stopping a giant Solana whale (such as Alameda) from coming in and borrowing billions of UST? I worry that they could use this to take advantage of either the Anchor protocol itself (using the protocol as exit liquidity) or borrowing outsized sums of UST to play games with the core mechanics of Terra itself.

It would start at a lower LTV until liquidity is present to raise it. Would that not constitute a borrowing limit? Anchor is trying to attract larger borrowers as well so it’s not like they wouldnt welcome Alameda borrowing billions of UST to do whatever it wanted with it.

Whilst still being inefficient as a collateral option in comparison to sAvax, bSol offers some much needed versatility amongst bAssets.
bAtom should never be used as collateral due to the forgone 12% staking yield
bEth is gradually taking up a much larger share of collateral, at least partially due to the 4-5% staking yield given up instead.
bSol has a similar yield, with the added benefit of being much cheaper to onboard to terra.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a stSol esc collateral type down the road but for now this will do


i’m big fan of Solana and Terra, AND I am also a user of Anchor Protocol
I am so happy to see this proposal


When will we be able to use sol as bsol collateral? :sunglasses: