How to Secure my Funds on Anchor Protocol

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Terra blockchain secures your wallet account. There are security risks with using defi products. You can buy insurance on the website to protect your funds from these risks.


Hardware wallet. Ledger, Safepal, etc. Best option imo. You could also try insurance as previously mentioned, linked on main page, but i have yet to hear of someone successfully (or not) filing a claim/being refunded.

Anyone know of an outcome?

Buy a ledger nano S or X. You’ll sleep better.

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Timely post. I just got hacked because I clicked on from a DM in my inbox. They asked me to connect via mainnet and there I saw my UST and LUNA leave my wallet.

Does anyone know if there is any way to recover wallet? I tried changing password which seemed to have stopped the bleeding for now :frowning:

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i checked the website and it seems you entered your seed phrase there. seed phrase grants full access to your wallet. you basically gave away access to your wallet. so if you still have some funds left - create a new wallet and move everything over there as quickly as possible.

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Hi Alagiz, thanks for the advise. It was a bit too late for me. Do you know if there’s actually an admin here who can help? The reason why I originally came to this forum is still not resolved. I have Tx hash to show what I’m talking about. Appreciate the help

hey mate, well if funds are gone - not much you can do. the best thing you can do is to try and track the funds to a centralized exchange, notify the exchange, and bring all of that information to the police. centralized exchanges will only give kyc information to the police. i can help to try and track the funds to a centralized exchange, but not much more can be done - wallets cannot be frozen in terra.


This is the reason I left Anchor Protocol. Not nearly enough comfort level that my funds are secure. And, when you can’t even get admin to answer basic questions about their security, you sure can’t expect them to respond when you lose your funds.

good bye from crypto.

This is default on any crypto.

hey mate, it might differ per cex on how they approach this - binance requires a police report copy, for instance -
important part is to act quickly once you detect a deposit to a cex, as binance for instance often freezes funds for a while once they get a report like this (if they are satisfied with the information you provided)

your funds are secure if your seed phrase is secure. you should leave all defi protocols then, as they use wallets with seed phrases. or just get a ledger.

I’ve already taken steps to protect my coins. My point is that there are exchanges that give a LOT more confidence that your coins are secure than Anchor Protocol does.

looks like scammer. don’t contact

Most of the people who DM you on forums are scammers.

You mean it gives you a lot more relief you can delegate responsibility to someone else who is exposed to all the same risks?

Custody wallets that are depositing on Anchor for your APY are exposed to all the same risks as you are. Most likely they are better at managing the risk and not leaking security information out to public domain.