Emergency measures for restoring Terra peg

I haven’t been in crypto very long. My experience is mainly as a lawyer working in the field of intellectual property i.e., patents, trademarks and copyrights. Many of the protocols in the terra ecosystem are innovative. No-one can make something truly innovative in any field of endeavor without having insight in that particular field. In this regard, inventors characteristically have an attachment to their creation/invention. Comparable to a mother and her baby, they do not want to see their creation die and will make sacrifices to protect them. Indeed, many have made extreme sacrifices to create their innovations. With their insights they can be of great help in this situation. They can be of great help in restoring functionality to the terra system. In order to preserve their creations, they will likely be happy to work with us in this and probably work for free to make sure what they have worked so hard and so well to create does not die.

Both luna and ust have come well off their lows and stayed off their lows. This is due to more than just bottom fishing as it has continued for days. This is in spite of the nothing but bad news that has been coming out about terra recently. The markets for luna and ust have lately been going sideways within a channel. Thus, these markets are looking for direction. They are waiting for news. When viewing the market in terms of the pair usdt/ust ust has been moving sideways at approximately the middle of the range. The market would not be going sideways at this medial level if it did not expect that the future for this potentially could be good and not unlikely. If we can show the public in crypto that what comes from us through our proposals will make this terra ecosystem a going concern, this is all we need to provide in order to restore confidence. The markets will resume their rallies. Eventually, making this endeavor into a going concern will be best for that segment of the public in crypto and all of us who are in this.

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“Every month, TFL cashed out tens of millions of dollars for salaries and operating expenses. This went into hard money like USD, BTC and SGD. At their peak, TFL’s 70 employees were receiving $180,000,000 monthly.”

…All of this money was taken directly out of the LUNA market cap (which was supposed to stabilize UST)…"

(1) FatMan on Twitter: “:thread::point_down: Do Kwon and Terraform Labs defrauded the retail public of hundreds of millions of dollars that they currently still have . It came out of the pockets of LUNA & UST holders and went into their wallets. Here’s why you should be mad, and here’s what you can do about it. :thread::point_down:” / Twitter

’ you’re in a very unique position in which your actions will define stable coin policy — you are basically as powerful as the regulators in the countries in which you live, as whatever lawsuits etc you file will define years of case law on stable coin regulation. ’

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