Auto compounding gov pool($)

Let just speculate i m a whale
I need vote in many gov boards, in many chain , in many Dao`s
But let,s keep thing earth grounded and realistic
Can we have an auto compounding pools with all major gov tokens of luna ecosystem ? like mercurial or Beethoven does.

I’m thinking of a $7k to $21k Prize Bounty style for the dev work fund by TFL.
With a voting weight gauge within the voting escrow system due to vote weight being a function of lockup duration.

What is you take if you where a whale?

(off topic i was also thinking a gov pools , reward gaming token pools like slp , very high fdv pools with multi tokens like Beethoven does ,all auto compound with low fee for initial whales ico insider , it make senses)


Not a bad idea. but I have been in talks with protocols coming to Terra building vote locked token protocols similar to Convex. We have a proposal just posted about this. What is the benefit to holding ANC? And what happens if ANC goes to $0.50? - #50 by bitn8

Ideally, if implemented these ve-tokens could be built into something like you are envisioning.


Many Thanks